Hank, Paint, and all that's in between

To start my weekend I attended the Hank WIllis Thomas lecture at SCAD. When Steph and Ock invited I wasn't exactly sure who he was but after a quick Google search I decided it would be interesting and worth my time to hear him speak. After my arrival and in the midst of him speaking though I realized many of my Columbia professors had recommended I look at his work. The beginning of the lecture was interesting and unusual. He began in a sort of messy manner shuffling through his powerpoint, asking the audience where we would like him to begin. Overall though I enjoyed the lecture. He brought up a lot of valid points about both his approach to his photography and to his understanding how photography functions as art. I must say though that his "valid points" bore a strong resemblance to Szarkowski's "The Photographer's Eye" and the five characteristics Szarkowski cites as the makeup of a strong photograph. But I guess imitation is the strongest form of flattery. 

In other news I finally got brave enough to paint; too bad it didn't end well. I find myself very happy with the spray paint layer. I like the addition and the hard edges the geometric shapes bring. I also like breaking those hard lines up by removing them with rubbing alcohol. I attempted to distort the main figure of the photos by adding a wash layer in which i lay paint down and then wipe it away. Paying more attention to the highlights an shadows. But it ends up looking more like an accident than something done with purpose. I think what I'll try next is to do the wash layer first. Then add the spray paint and remove as I see fit. I also feel the need to go back to the luster paper. I can't take away from anything that isn't acrylic on the fiber based paper and that bothers me. I want to be able to take away from the figure as well, and I like how the rubbing alcohol interacts with the luster paper. So this week that's where I'll be heading.