So the end of my first semester of graduate school is here. In the past week I have spent well over 50+ hours in the grad lab and at home painting over photographs. As you all can imagine, I'm tired. But I must say, I've never been more proud of anything I've done than the work I've done here at SCAD. I've never had friends who pushed my work the way my peers do. When I left Columbia I was worried I'd never encounter the caliber of professors and students. Fast forward to now and I met a prof who actually worked with my advisor/prof from Columbia, Myra Greene.

I remember getting the rejection letters from Columbia and Parsons and being completely and utterly crushed. Meanwhile SCAD kept sending friendly reminders for me to finish my application. I was of course apprehensive because a professor at Columbia had discouraged me from applying to SCAD. She said, "I don't think it's the place for you. The art scenes are here in Chicago and in New York. The further away you are from these places the harder it will be for you realize your dreams." That scared me to my core. I spent four years at UIUC obtaining a degree in Creative Writing and another three semesters at Columbia finally pursuing what I love. I couldn't imagine having come that far too only fade into the background of the fine art world. None of that matters to me now. I'm completely and utterly happy here in Atlanta. It's the perfect place to produce my work and the atmosphere of SCAD is amazing. Everyone helps in every way that they can. It's a beautiful thing to be apart of, and I've only just begun. Here's to five more semesters!!!