A little stuck

Critique went as expected. And even though I was barely alive for most of the time, it seemed like it was very productive for all of my peers, myself included. I have all these ideas for how to produce the work and all these sources of inspirations, but I think I've scared myself from actually making the work. So today I'm dedicating myself to this process and everyday for the rest of this week. I will paint a portion of one photograph no matter how big or small. At least this way I'll be forced to think about how to move forward.

In other news as the semester passes by, very quickly I might add, I'm becoming more and more adjusted to my surroundings. It's interesting to see how the photo grads interact with each other and how different all of our work is. I'm inspired by quite a few, especially for their drive and passion when explaining their work. I feel at home here at SCAD when for a long time I questioned coming here. Back at Columbia, right before graduation a top prof was excited for me to hear back from Parsons. She said I belonged in New York and that she knew great things would happen for me there. Parsons ended up wait listing me and then finally declining my application to study there. When I mentioned SCAD to her she quickly frowned and told me I shouldn't have even applied because it wouldn't be a good fit for me. To make a long story short I'm glad I followed my own path. I'm happy where I am and I can't wait to see what's in store here for me.