Spray paint and stuff.

In just under a week the amazing couple has done it again.  Ock introduced me to a shit ton of painters, various methods of painting, and general theories of composition. Steph's comment last week about how to approach the work was something that I needed to hear and has worked very well in the new work.   Immediately afterwards I produced an image that I think began to speak to my original concept that I introduced at the beginning of the semester. Perhaps I was a little overzealous though because I added too much and the image became less exciting. In my usual manner I became extremely frustrated and abandoned the work for a couple of days so that I could return to it with a fresh start. I think my major problem is that I expect to make great work all the time and for it to happen quickly. Obviously this isn't realistic. So I shall go forth, slowly, and make intelligent and informed decisions with my painting. I'm exited for critique this week. I can't wait to see where everyone is with their work and for feedback on my stuff. Yaaaah for critique week! 

Anyone know how to get spray paint off of a concrete floor?! :)