It's interesting what happens just being around new people. I've learned so much from Stephanie and Oktawian in such a short amount of time. They work differently than I do and are so willing to share anything they think will enhance my work with me. I've encountered a lot of people who weren't willing to do that, and so at first I was blown away by their offer to help and teach. They taught me different effects for layering as well as how to make a wheat paste to adhere different things to the surface of the paper. I left the session with many different ways of working than I ever thought of. Now I guess the problem is deciding how I want to work and which methods will help me achieve the look I'm going for. 

Last class Forest asked to me consider why I was using the mediums I was and what the process means in context of the photographs. I'm still not sure why. I know that I am and have always been interested in science, especially things dealing with outer space and the universe and it's origins. The photographs are important because they describe humanity and creation. The addition of the paint over the photograph is meant to convey how despite the disagreement over the origins of life there is a sort of symbiotic relationship that exists between the two. It is my goal to make my photos function in the same way. The paint must become as necessary as the ink on the paper.